How to Feel Good Every Day

Like most people, you probably have lots of days when things go wrong and it’s hard to feel grateful about what’s happening in your life.

However, researchers are discovering that people who develop a consistent “attitude of gratitude” enjoy huge benefits.

Expressing gratitude means being aware of the good things that happen to you and never taking them for granted.

The very act of being grateful puts you in a more positive mood, with more overall life satisfaction and happiness.

In one study, participants who wrote down five things they felt grateful for, once a week for ten weeks, reported feeling less stress, and more optimism and contentment. [Who wouldn’t want that?]

When participants wrote gratitude letters to the significant people in their lives, they experienced greater joy and more meaningful relationships.

An attitude of gratitude even promotes better health.

Grateful people report fewer headaches, nausea, acne, anxiety, depression, and they spend more time exercising.

The good news is that an attitude of gratitude can be cultivated.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you feel more grateful… [so you can enjoy the many benefits]

Step #1: Express gratitude. [Click] Make a point of telling others how thankful you are to have them in your life, and mean it.

Step #2: Gratitude reminders. [Click] When you notice yourself feeling down about something, try to think of 4-5 related things you’re grateful for. For example, if you’re stressed at work, think of some things you like about your job.

Step #3: Strategic comparisons. [Click] Instead of feeling inadequate by comparing yourself to others who are more fortunate than you, compare yourself with those less fortunate and feel grateful.

Step #4: Journal. [Click] Every day, write down 3-5 things you feel grateful for. Not only does this help you focus on the abundance in your life, it gives you something uplifting to read when you’re feeling low.

Step #5: Make it a group ritual. [Click] Over dinner every evening or once per week, ask each family member to tell one thing that happened that day that they feel grateful for.

So there you have it. I’ve just given you 5 easy ways to bring more gratitude and joy into your life… without any negative side effects!

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