The most top rated mortgage loan officer, M. Kamal is the highly sought after local Mortgage Expert in New York City’s Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Long Island area for over 11 years! Because of Kamal’s mortgage expertise, all of his clients happily made Kamal their “Mortgage Advisor for Life “in their day to day mortgage needs. M. Kamal is a low-keyed guy, but because of his expertise has climbed the Ladder of Success. Kamal is known as “Mr. Dynamic”, and is an expert in his field. With his educational, professional and financial background, Kamal is well-liked and trusted by his clients. He works precisely according to his client’s needs and match the best product accordingly. He uses his in depth knowledge of mortgage guidelines to his Client’s advantage. He is very knowledgeable on underwriting guidelines for: FHA, VA, FNMA, and FHLMC. His number one goal is a hassle free FAST LOAN CLOSING for his clients. He listens to his client’s needs and matches the best product accordingly. His years of experience in the mortgage industry make him an EXPERT in loan origination. Once a Loan is taken, he makes sure it closes 100% of the times. With his depth of experience, he’s not only dedicated to helping secure the best mortgage that fits client’s needs and lifestyle, he is also passionate about helping them become mortgage-free faster using creative mortgage pay-down strategies. Kamal prides himself in helping his clients getting the very best mortgage with the best rates and terms available and ensures a smooth and stress-free process. Kamal’s priority always is to enhance his client’s immediate and long-term home financing, by protecting their interests and servicing them throughout the lifetime of their mortgage. Relying heavily on referrals, Kamal goes the extra mile to not just meet client’s expectations, but to exceed them! Kamal also enjoys the challenge of working on loans that may be difficult to figure out. “I know what underwriters are looking for, and I understand the complicated situations,” he says. “I look at it from a common sense perspective, and I figure out a way to get it to work.” Kamal is not only an EXPERT in Mortgage, but also very well versed and knowledgeable about local area real estate market. His current areas of concentration are: New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk. Kamal is committed to build relationships with clients, real estate brokers, attorneys, financial planners and trusted advisors. He is committed to build relationships within local communities and educate clients about financial concepts that they are not aware of and provide them a service that exceeds their expectation. Please try to connect with him and let him know what can he do for U today? You will be glad you did because you will have a trusted mortgage advisor for life! He is always at your service and he is 100% dedicated to get the best Mortgage product that meets and exceeds your needs.

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