How Your Cell Phone Impacts Your Credit

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As you may know, credit reporting agencies collect all the data on your loans, lines of credit and credit cards to create your credit report and calculate your credit score. This information is then used by lenders—including mortgage lenders—to determine whether you’re a good credit risk. What many people don’t realize is that cellphone bill […]

How to Feel Good Every Day

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Like most people, you probably have lots of days when things go wrong and it’s hard to feel grateful about what’s happening in your life. However, researchers are discovering that people who develop a consistent “attitude of gratitude” enjoy huge benefits. Expressing gratitude means being aware of the good things that happen to you and […]

Does it make sense to refinance?

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Refinancing to get a lower rate is a great idea—as long as you take all factors into consideration to ensure you actually save money. The first thing to consider is how much it costs to refinance. Sure, you’ll see “no cost” refinances advertised, but rarely is this actually true. Refinancing usually involves closing costs, title […]

How to NOT Retire Broke

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It’s true. Most people never retire early or rich. Why? Because they lived their pre-retirement years as if they were rich already. It’s an easy trap to fall into when all the ads, TV shows and movies show average folks enjoying expensive toys. So we end up using credit cards, lines of credit and mortgages […]

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